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At the start of assembling your project, every decision you make includes a great impact on the ultimate results. Mistakes manufactured in pre-construction can lead to delays, cost over-runs, construction defects, and other claims. At Queen Boss Consultants, we interact with the project group during the design and pre-construction stage of a task to recognize potential construction risks and eliminate costly impacts.

Our consultants function side-by-side with the designers, owners, developers, and contractors at the conceptual design phase to evaluate the interrelationship of the building parts and systems. Through our goal third-party evaluation of the project style, we minimize dangers and help obtain the highest quality level assurance.

Our professionals address conditions that make a difference performance and compatibility with the look by evaluating:

  • Building envelopes
  • Vapor barriers
  • Insulation systems
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

Using dynamic hygrothermal computer modeling, we can test various wall assembly-concepts and offer recommendations for enhancing sustainable performance over time. Our experts can also evaluate waterproofing systems, grading and drainage systems, and geotechnical conditions at the site to assure adequate surface and groundwater drainage and control.

Complete Evaluations and Recommendations

As the project progresses into detailed design, we evaluate the actual execution of the established concepts. We examine the overall quality of the systems and their compliance with codes and specifications along with design paperwork for constructability, thoroughness, and completeness. Our team can offer recommendations for alternative materials to meet the design criteria and provide cost-savings and assist in weighing the cost impacts of design options relative to performance risks. Our approach can assist the construction team in selecting the most cost-effective structural systems based on maintainability and life cycle costs.

Quality Control Procedures

To ensure that the final structure is completed in accordance with project requirements, we help our clients in the development of quality control techniques. We can also provide bid support to make certain that selected contractors and subcontractors are providing bids relative to the project requirements. We evaluate bid estimates for consistency with the scope and the contractors and subcontractors to confirm they have the necessary experience to complete the project

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