Our Process

Initial consultation is to uncover “What’s your vision?” After your vision is discovered through our organized process steps, Queen Boss Construction will transform your beautifully designed plans into a living structure.


⦁ What type of project are you looking to complete
⦁ Review home design and construction process
⦁ Discuss budget
⦁ Discuss timing
⦁ Review and execute Pre-Construction Agreement
⦁ Set up design consultations with architect/designer or review plan if you have one

Custom Project Consultation

⦁ Appoint architect/designer that will best fit for your project based on the design elements you would like to incorporate (modern, farmhouse, craftsman, etc.)
⦁ Meet to review the project onsite at your lot or home for renovation /addition
⦁ Fine-tune discovery elements (finishes, elevation, etc.)
⦁ Make initial selections for budgeting purposes
⦁ Set goals for completion of design or plan modifications


⦁ Work on selections for all finishes with Selection Coordinator
⦁ Provide allowances for all selections to make sure we manage our budget
⦁ Confirm bids with with our sub contractor for their scope of work
⦁ Secure final budget, finalize agreement for project, and confirm funding is in place


⦁ Schedule out project and begin site work
⦁ Secure permits and call 811
⦁ Begin any demo prior to construction
⦁ Complete construction and close out project